Gender Reveal Time!

Photo by Krystal Ng on Unsplash

(Warning — this post is not very Type 1 Diabetes related, but a continuation of our pregnancy journey…)

We decided to find out what sex our little one will be, but to keep it a secret from our parents and siblings until we did a small gender reveal with them. Being that we are big sports people, we decided to get a football filled with either pink or blue powder and kick it to reveal the sex.

We had our families over for a grill-out in our backyard. We played cornhole, life sized Jenga, ate lots of delicious food, and spent time chatting about the future nursery, baby, and life. It was a fantastic time with loved ones and perfectly small — we didn’t want to do a big thing of it, just celebrate with immediate family. Luckily, the day was perfect for celebrating — warm, sunny, not too windy, and perfect for being outside.

When people arrived, we had them make guesses about what they thought the sex of the little one would be by writing their names on stickers and placing them on a chalk-board. They then got to wear a bracelet corresponding to the sex they thought we were having. My dad, brother, and brother-in-law all thought we were having a girl; everyone else sided with boy. Really, though, everyone (including my husband and I) hope for a healthy baby and mom.

After everyone arrived and had been there for awhile playing games and snacking, we decided to kick the football. When we did blue powder exploded everywhere (including on my brother-in-law’s white shirt — ooops!) and we revealed we are having a boy! We are truly both happy either way — boy or girl — as long as it is healthy. It is nice, though, to know so that I can now decorate the nursery (blog post with pics to follow) and finalize the registry. It makes my planner heart very happy!



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Erin Kron

A Type 1 Diabetic of 20+ years entering into the world of pregnancy. I’m here to share my journey, learnings, and noticings along the way.