Interior Decorating: Nursery Time!

We had so much fun getting creative and decorating the nursery for our little one. Once we found out that we were having a boy, I knew I wanted a room that had grey, white, and orange components to it. Grey is a consistent color in the rest of our house, with pops of either blue or orange or white, so keeping a grey palette seemed like a good idea.

We started by redoing the baseboards and door casing in the room to kick-off a bigger project of replacing all the baseboards in the house. We painted them a clean white and they look amazing! My husband is very talented! We then spent some time trying to find the right color grey for the room. If you’ve never painted with grey before, you don’t know that there are many shades that can make a room feel blue, green, brown, or drab. We have made that mistake too many times before. So, we tried probably 5 different swatches before we found a gorgeous gray. Ironically enough, it is called Software grey, which is perfect since my husband does software for a living.

Up next, we spent some time trying to figure out how to decorate the rest of the room. We found a wall decal on Etsy of birch trees for the wall the crib would go on. We ordered the decal to have white trees, orange birds, and sky blue leaves. Once we got the crib set up in front of it, it really started coming together!

As with most rooms, this one has 4 walls. So, we decided to find some cute canvas hangings for the wall above the dresser/changing table. We also refinished a dresser from my grandma — turned it from brown to white with new handles. It looks brand new!

My husband wanted to make something for the room himself, so he decided to make some hexagon shelves, which we painted orange, white, and sky blue. They turned out amazingly! It was a nice way for him to put his creative touches on the room and they are highly functional. We are in love with how they turned out!

To polish the room off, we knew we had one more wall to decorate and a couple of pieces of furniture to incorporate. We found a super comfortable reclining rocker at Lazy-Boy to incorporate into the room — grey of course. We also know that reading is a big component we want to introduce early, so we bought a book shelf on which to house any and all baby, toddler, and other books (not pictured, but we found it on Amazon).

The final wall has orange letters that spell out our little one’s name. I won’t reveal that here, but it turned out super cute! We LOVE how the nursery looks and can’t wait for our little one to love it as much as we do.



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Erin Kron

A Type 1 Diabetic of 20+ years entering into the world of pregnancy. I’m here to share my journey, learnings, and noticings along the way.