Telling the News

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

We finally got to tell our families about our news over Easter weekend! My husband and I decided to wait until we were closer to the 12 week mark to tell, so we have been living with this secret for a looooong time. We know and respect that not all pregnancies make it as far as 12 weeks, so feel very lucky to have made it to that milestone.

We thought it would be perfect to tell our families by creating Easter baskets with different items in them. Creating the baskets was really fun! It brought out our creative sides for sure!

For my mom and dad, we found cute bunny books — Grandma Loves You and Grandpa Loves You. We wrapped them in tissue paper so it took them a minute to open them and put a bunch of candy and cute tea towels in the basket. For my brother and his girlfriend, we found a candle on Etsy that smelled AMAZING and had a label letting them know that they are being promoted from dog Aunt and Uncle to human Aunt and Uncle this year. My grandpa also made a surprise appearance so we found a mug for him that said, “Just when you think your job as grandpa is over, they call you great.”

For my in-laws, we found adorable tin mugs on Etsy that said Grandma, Grandpa, and Grandbaby. The Grandbaby mug was teeny tiny. For my sister-in-law and her husband, we similarly got a candle on Etsy and put a quippy message to let them know they will have a niece or nephew soon. My in-laws reacted in a very excited way and really cannot wait to be grandparents to this future little one. My mother-in-law needed us to explain to her what the mugs meant, but once she figured it out she cried tears of joy. It was hugs all around!

Of all the reactions, my mom had my favorite one. We gave my family the baskets and had them open up the different items. My brother’s girlfriend got to the candle the quickest and immediately started crying, confusing the group to no end. My dad was further confused by his book — he thought we had given him a book meant for my grandpa. It clicked shortly there after for him. But, for my mom, it took quite some time. She opened the book, saw what my dad had gotten, and still had a deer in the headlights look. When everyone finally got what we were telling them, they were beyond excited. My brother is already planning ways he will be the favorite uncle.

We now want to tell our friends. We will tell most of them this coming weekend and I can’t wait to see how they react! Now, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the next milestones and tests come back positive. One step at a time, in this journey, but now we have the full support of our families behind us just in case something happens.



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Erin Kron

A Type 1 Diabetic of 20+ years entering into the world of pregnancy. I’m here to share my journey, learnings, and noticings along the way.