The 20 Week Mark

Photo by Picsea on Unsplash

20 weeks. Such a big milestone in a pregnancy — halfway there! My husband and I had our appointment, complete with the anatomy scan, to see if our little one is healthy. We also looked forward to finding out the sex in the scan, assuming the little one cooperated. We were warned little ones sometimes do not face quite the right direction to indicate their sex.

We were both super nervous going into the appointment — thinking about all of the things that could be wrong. We had heard from many people that there is almost always some sort of weirdness at the 20 week appointment. We also had a family member have a very traumatic experience at her 20 week appointment. There is also the diabetic factor — has my control been good enough? Have I taken good enough care of myself to keep the little one safe? Were the eggs and sperm good? So many variables to consider!

We went in to the appointment and were relieved to find our favorite ultrasound technician was working. She always does a fantastic job explaining what she is looking at, why, and what the results mean. We love working with her! She did the scan of the brain, heart, kidneys and blood flow to the kidneys, the bladder, stomach, and overall blood flow. She looked to see if the hands each had 5 fingers and the feet had 5 toes — they did! We also found out the sex — stay tuned for a future blog about our gender reveal! The only thing that we couldn’t get a great visual of was a profile view. So, at our next appointment we will need an additional ultra sound to see if the little one cooperates better.

We feel very blessed that everything (except for what we still need to see of the profile) looked healthy with our little one. We hope the profile scan turns out well, also, but we won’t find out for a few weeks.



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Erin Kron

A Type 1 Diabetic of 20+ years entering into the world of pregnancy. I’m here to share my journey, learnings, and noticings along the way.