Wine No-Mo’

Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi on Unsplash

The hardest part of this pregnancy, so far, has been giving up wine. I know what you are thinking — that’s the worst part of the pregnancy??

Every Wednesday since we’ve met, my husband and I have tried a different bottle of wine. We always call it “Wine Wednesday.” It’s our way of marking the halfway point through the week. It’s also something we very much look forward to! We started as all winos do — with sweet wines, like Moscato. Over the years, our palettes have changed and we have fallen in love with rich, dry red wines. I’m very partial to Merlots and Riojas; my husband loves Cabernet Sauvignons. We are really missing those right about now!

We had heard from people that there were acceptable non-alcoholic wines to enjoy during the pregnancy journey. What I have learned is that maybe the non-alcoholic wines are acceptable to those who don’t drink wine all the time, but for my husband and I, they are disappointing at best. We tried a few different, highly-rated non-alcoholic red wines. They honestly tasted like Cranberry juice with less sugar, less tart, and flat flavor. If you are a wino, I would say don’t expect to enjoy the red wines that are available for you during pregnancy.

Next, we decided to try a few non-alcoholic white wines. We learned that, although they are still fairly sweet, the ones that have carbonation to them are much better substitutes for wine. We enjoyed a Sparkling Riesling, especially. It’s still not quite the same, but it’s closer.

Since the wines have been disappointing, my husband and I have decided to try to get creative with our formerly dubbed “Wine Wednesdays.” We are trying to make mocktails now. Last week, we tried a Pear Cider; it was pretty delicious! This week we are going to try to make Virgin Bloody Marys. I’ll let you know how it goes!



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Erin Kron

A Type 1 Diabetic of 20+ years entering into the world of pregnancy. I’m here to share my journey, learnings, and noticings along the way.